Offline Gold and Offline Gold Summit Question Answered by Mark Ress

Hello Mark Ress fans and all you interested in making money in the Offline Gold world. I received a question from one of my Ustream viewers which I thought I would answer for everyone’s benefit. Although Offline Gold Summit is about 30 days away I figured I would share this with her and all of you who read the Mark Ress Blog.

Here is the email I received from Michelle:
“Hi Mark

The other night on your broadcast, you mentioned that it was a pain to deal with clients. I know you have worked with offline clients and I am interested in getting in business dealing with the offline niche. My thought is to market their business using a popular and well known service to outsource and upload the videos if the customer does not want to make their own. I would also like to offer directory submissions, press releases and forum and blog posting.

I haven’t started yet, and have been told that it is better to pick a niche. I have talked with an offline marketer in the UK and he has said that he works with Letting Agents, which is the same as property management agents in the US. He says they like Video Marketing which is what the video service I mentioned is based on. I want to outsource everything, but would not initially have enough to keep an outsourcing person busy enough.

I have thought about focusing on speaking at seminars, workshops and teleseminars and niche toward web 2.0 only (and using the video service to fulfill it).

I also have David Preston’s Cash Cow course on how to do workshops and set up local businesses with optin boxes, email marketing (Aweber autoresponder), newsletters, article marketing.

I’m not sure which direction to go, and I feel stuck.

What are your thoughts?

I appreciate it


Michelle M.”
Here’s my reply to Michelle M.,

First of all I would definitely consider attending Offline Gold Summit because at the event we are going to reveal at least seven POWERFUL strategies for making money in the Offline Gold world. With that being said here’s my advice Michelle.

I am a believer in that ANYONE can make money both on and offline but with local businesses you can’t “fake it til you make it” because they WILL see right through all that. You don’t want to get asked a question and not have the answer or at least sound like you know what you’re talking about. Study all the material you have already and KNOW it like the back of your hand so that you build your confidence level and project that you ARE the go-to person for whatever services you’re going to be offering.

Now it’s true that drilling down into a niche can make you a lot of money in the Offline Gold world but again you can’t just pick any niche without knowing more about it. If you decide to drill down and specialize in one area then make sure you do your homework so you can speak “their language”. You don’t want to come at them with tons of techno-babble. It’s good to sound like you’re smart and know this stuff but if you go WAY over their heads you’re just going to lose them.

As for leveraging the video service you mentioned I believe any time we can speed up the process or cut back on the time it takes us to do repetitive tasks it’s good but you can’t just blast a bunch of videos and expect to start ranking. You need to know the basics with regards to keyword research and competitive analysis. Then if and when you get the traffic you need to know what are you going to do with that traffic to get them to convert. What is the goal of the site? That is my first question to a client. Then from their I can plan my attack. Do I want to build leads, sell a service or brand the company? These are just some of the questions I ask. You want to GET PAID for your services but also provide quality! Don’t be a fly-by-night solution provider. Give them results that will last!!

A lot of the Web 2.0 marketing strategies today are not as effective as they were six months ago and videos don’t have the staying power in the rankings as they use to without support of other methods. So if you’re video is there today and then gone tomorrow what are you going to do? You can’t just throw up a bunch of videos and without writing some content that will support it and lend to the video’s position in the SERPS (search engine result pages). Just like you can’t throw up a bunch of Web 2.0 property sites/pages/posts/comments and expect those to stay there. Some will but most won’t today because of abuse of Web 2.0 sites. I always say you can not paint all the markets/niches with the same brush. At Offline Gold Summit I’m going to go way more into this.

So should you speak and do workshops or offer online marketing services? I believe that was your original question about working with Offline Gold or brick and mortar businesses right? Well it all boils down to YOU. You’re not just going to be pitching and selling what you can do for these businesses but you’ll be selling yourself. They are buying YOU. I’m sure you’ve heard that before so keep that in mind. You’re angle and approach, how you walk and talk, the way you present and close will be very different than the way I would do things or anyone else for that matter. I don’t know your strengths and or weaknesses but the bottom line here is don’t over promise and under deliver. Under promise and over deliver is always best especially when you complete work sooner or get better results than expected. Going in you already know more than 90% of businesses out there so just doing simple things like teaching them about article marketing, setting up name squeeze pages to build a list, setting up a blog or teaching them about Social Networking sites and Micro-Blogging sites will command huge dollars. Trust me I know.

You’re goinig to have to figure out what you’re good at or what you can outsource easily and cheaply that you can begin to sell right away to fund whatever else it is you want to do. Hopefully it is coming to Offline Gold Summit at the end of April in Las Vegas Nevada. Again we will be sharing over 7 different business models for folks to walk away and begin to earn between $5k to $10k per WEEK! It is that serious, it is that good and I am THAT confident that folks who leave Offline Gold Summit will have the potential to build a 6 or 7 figure business in the remainder of this year!

God bless you and yours,

Mark Ress

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One Response

  1. Marc Meyer Says:

    Mark, I found this line in your post rather interesting,”A lot of the Web 2.0 marketing strategies today are not as effective as they were six months ago…” I’m not sure I completely agree with that but would love to hear a more complete thought on it. I’m always curious to hear the POV of the one’s that do get “it”. I can see that you do. Also if you have time, I’d like to chat. Our mutual friend David Gonzalez mentioned I should talk with you.

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