Hello Mark Ress Blog readers,

I had to post this testimonial from one of my most recent Twitter followers who was skeptical but checked out anyway and is sooooo very glad she did! Here it is in her own words:

“Hi Mark!I’ve been one of your silent lurkers on the Ressonomics webinars. It’s very noisy here with a new pup yapping in the background, so I haven’t wanted to turn the mike on - but since you indicated you crave feedback, I wanted you to know you’ve sparked me into taking new action. In fact, that’s the second reason the mike hasn’t been on, I’ve been too busy multi tasking to think of what to say!

Here’s the story…

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I was lurking on Twitter when someone posted a link to the Ressonomics webinars.

I’m an artist, writer, and sometimes designer…  and not much interested in what the marketing guru’s have to say, even though I seem to have a ton of them in my network because the psychology of it intrigues me.  To be honest, most of them give me a massive headache. I’ve tried a few, hated almost all of ‘em, and moved on. 

But still, I figured what-the-hey, I’d tune in, and tune back out when the inevitable endless pitches started.

To my surprise, there were no sales pitches.

More surprising, I started to understand keyword research in a useful way. I knew about all the tools, and the theory, but hadn’t grasped how to apply it. Now I grok it.

Then as the webinar went on,  a whole flood of ideas started hitting me.  I identified a number of conflicts I had about my ongoing projects, why I was struggling with developing and marketing them, and hit on what I hope will be much better and tighter niche to hone in on — as well as a pretty clear plan for developing and promoting it.

My mind was whirling and I was so busy mucking around in other windows that I hardly noticed that you forgot to unpause the screen cast yesterday ; )

But best of all? I took action. 

  • By midnight I’d registered a killer domain name as a primary site to ground the concept all.
  •  As I listened to the call today, I mocked up the site design.
  •  I’ve just made out a list of the affiliate programs/products that I already know of that fit the concept, some of which I already know convert for my current audience.
  • …and made another list of other keywords/related issues to set up other freebie sites with. 
  • Before the next call starts, the header graphic should be finished.

Color me inspired.  I’m almost TOO enthused about how well I think it will work, how well it suits me, and how well it fits with my other projects and interests.How’s that for feedback?

Just thought you’d like to know

: )

Tori D.”

Well now you’ve heared what Tori thinks of Mark Ress and his TOTALLY FREE ZERO PITCH Ressonomics Webinar Trainings. I really do want to help as many folks as possible! 


Mark Ress


Also heading to New York/Connecticut this week to speak at an underground event and will be broadcasting during the event live to allow folks who could not attend “spy” on this seminar! If you want to be notified when I go live from this event so you can be a fly on the wall then follow me on Twitter to receive my Tweets of when I go live:

Follow me on Twitter @markress

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3 Responses

  1. paula s Says:

    Haven’t quite figured out exactly what it is YOU do to help people generate all this income… Please inform so I can celebrate with all you who have experienced the joy of massive productivity in your prosperity !!!

  2. Sheila Says:

    Just wanted to drop by and give you another thanks for the Ressonomics Webinars.

    Since I met you and have been following your webinars, I’ve been making some pretty good bucks!

    I joined a nice gym I couldn’t afford before, and lost 32 pounds so far!

    I bought myself a nice 42″ Flat Panel HD TV and a 27″ one for my brother’s bedroom.

    Bought 3 new electric guitars and a new bass.

    Paid off some credit cards, got a new video camera, a new external hard drive and new BIG speakers for my PC, a laptop computer…and went on a trip that I’ve been really wanting to go on for two years!

    Even attended one of your FREE webinars on my new laptop while I was on my trip!

    Not to mention how much more I’ve been able to donate to charities and my church.

    There is so much more I could mention, but I think you get the picture.

    Ressonomics is a life changing experience!

    You da Man!


  3. Mark IN Tampa Says:

    Hi Mark. It was Great meeting you in Tampa Friday…JoJo’s prom looked incredible congratulations..

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