Mark Ress Wishes Everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Hello Mark Ress blog readers!

First I hope everyone’s Christmas went well and that you got to spend time with loved ones.

Second I hope you had a REALLY AWESOME New Year’s celebration or spent time with family. God bless you and yours.

Third I launched my NEW Mark Ress coaching program called which is all about teaching folks how to make money online working from home. The best part is that it is a totally FREE training program! That’s right Mark Ress is giving it all way to folks in order to do my part and help out!

Also I’ve spent some time honoring my Mark Ress December Stimulus Plan Show giveaways and hooking up folks with the free consulations. I’ve had nothing but rave reviews from folks. Here is one recent testimonial from M. Gordon:

“I just made my first sale!
I just made my first sale!
I just made my first sale!
I just made my first sale!
I just made my first sale!

Thank you so much Mark Ress!

I just finished setting up my ad on and my PPC Adwords less than an hour ago and I am already $18.00 richer!!!   YAY ME!  YAY CLICKBANK!!  YAY YOU!!!

Thank you! Thank You!  Thank You!”

Now that was after only spending about an hour and a half with me. Imagine what I could do for you and your business in 2009 should you decide to start a Homebased Business Working from Home Online. I have tons of Mark Ress strategies for you to make money and claim victory in 2009 doing it the Mark Ress way.

My latest Mark Ress Coaching program has one spot left and I hope that you are blessed to claim that spot! You can read more about my 6 Figures In 6 Months Coaching and Mentoring program here:

It was only the second of January and already I am receiving a ton of calls from folks who want to be clients of mines or students to learn how it is Mark Ress makes his money or does what he does when it comes to getting sites found, crawled, indexed and ranked! If that is you then check out because I have lots more free trainings to conduct and I know you’re going to learn a lot from me. My focus in 2009 is to be the Internet Marketer who gives the most!

Lastly I issued a public challenge to ANY marketer who gives more than I do in 2009 with regards to free trainings and helping folks with free consultations and what not that I would bless that markter with $1,000!! That’s right if there is a marketer out there who helps out more folks than Mark Ress does with and my regular Ustream shows and all of what I do then I will hand over the cash.

Oh I almost forgot one more announcement I made. I announced that I Mark Ress proclaim my family, the Mark Ress family, as the FIRST Family of Internet Marketing! Now because of that I also announced that we will be conducting the first EVER Family Internet Marketing Seminar and Workshop! You read it here first and don’t you forget it or allow someone else to take the credit for MY idea!! The first EVER Family Internet Marketing Seminar and Workshop will be held in the summer of 2009 so be ready folks. Mark Ress is doing it BIG!

Peace, love and success in 2009 from Mark Ress and family.

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One Response

  1. Teri Dempski Says:

    Before Dec. 4th, 2008, I didn’t know Mark Ress. I followed a tweet to his LIVE USTREAM show that afternoon and didn’t exactly know what to think! Here was this man, (#MADMAC) Making A Difference; Making A Change, giving away cash & other prizes to random people on his show.

    He said that night he wants to help people overcome the US economic woes and the resulting depression it was causing, with his own “December Stimulus Plan” (#DSP) Wow! Are there really people out there that do this? I’m here to tell you YES! Mark Ress is a man of his word. I would love to be in his spot, giving away money and prizes to complete strangers! That would be so much fun. I wish there were others out there who care as much about their fellow man–what a precedent he has set!

    I am happily taking his F.R.E.E (#ressonomics) trainings and have been blown away by what I’m learning. He is not pitching me, he is not trying to upsell me, he is making my world better by giving me tools to use to make money online. I know, it’s hard to believe–even I was skeptical when I first joined his live show.

    Since then, I have become a huge fan of Mark Ress. He is 100% REAL, he is SERIOUS, he does not take excuses, nor does he use them. He will do everything he can to help you (short of doing it for you!)

    He has opened my eyes, my world has shifted. He keeps saying he is not perfect, that may be true, but neither am I. One of these days, I will meet him in person and give him a BIG, FAT (totally unprofessional) HUG, for helping me to see the Internet marketing light. I’m sure Jenrey (his wife) will understand. (My husband has already given his permission!)

    Mark, you and your family are amazing and deserve every blessing coming back to you. Continue to shine in 2009!

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