Mark Ress Introduces List Building for Newbies Part 1 of 4

Mark Ress Introduces List Building for Newbies Part 1 of 4

Mark Ress here offering my blog readers a free four part series on List Building. This series is mainly geared for Newbies but hopefully everyone who read this can get something out of it.

Most Newbies don’t know how to build a list let alone what list building is so let’s define what List Building is. Keep in mind I am going to do this Mark Ress style so don’t expect a lot of the mumbo jumbo you would get from traditional Internet Marketers. I am going to keep this real and tell you how I’ve built nice size lists by doing things my way. Most would say “Mark Ress isn’t following the traditional list building methods” but let me tell you it works. I am making good money with my lists so I can less what other folks say.

Let’s begin shall we?

When a person focuses on building an email list it is known as list building. Why does a person need to grow an email list? An email list is needed and essential for the growth of a business and or company in today’s connected world. If you can manage your email list efficiently, half your battle is won. A big, growing email list provides you with an ultimate opportunity to grow your sales.

Every one has a reason for list building. You need to be very clear as to why you want to build a list. You must be able to enumerate your reasons for list building. Do you want more traffic to flow your way? Do you want to market a product? Do you want to share internet marketing ideas? You must be able to define objective, so that you can build your list building strategy.

The Basics Of List Building According To Mark Ress  ;)

List building takes a consistent effort on one’s part in order to be successful. You can not just push a button and magically build a list overnight unless you’re preparing ahead of time like with a joint venture or PPC. You have to put in foundational work ahead of time. The task sounds harder than it actually is. It involves a person taking action really. Finally, you are rewarded by the quantity and quality of people subscribing to  your list. Some of the steps have been listed here for your convenience. You can thank me later ;)

• No matter what strategy you employ for your list building, you must never ever spam. Such unethical and unprofessional practices never pay off and you want to not waste your efforts.

• Unless you have something of value to offer to your subscribers, they will not be interested in your invite to be a part of your list. Always try to incentivise folks by offering real value to your subscribers. If you can share some of your wisdom or expertise with your new members, that will make their enrollment worthwhile. But you need to be very good at it. Even I Mark Ress can do that.   ;)

• Take every opportunity that comes your way to interact with people. Interacting with those people who share your interest can be extremely helpful. If you are a self-development guru and you get an opportunity to do business with someone from your field, don’t hesitate. Invite that person to be a member of your list. That way, you will build the number as well as the quality of your list. If your members have a keen interest in your line of business, nothing could be better than that. Only these people are your potential customers because they are genuinely interested in your product.

Their email IDs will add value to your list. Never lose sight of the fact that in list building, quality plays a greater role than mere quantity.

•  If you have a website that invites your site visitors to be a part of your list, that is really great. That is an effortless way of list building. Remember that your invitation needs to very catchy.

In the end, you should always be aware of the basic fact of list building; just collecting email IDs is not enough. You must be able to retain your members by providing fresh and stimulating content to keep their interest alive.

I hope this helps you get started building your lists and at least learning how to build your list.

Mark Ress

Part 2 of 4 coming soon on “How To Build Lists for Newbies”

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  1. Steven Mosley Says:


    Awesome article on list building for Newbies. I am a newbie to list building and I will most certainly be following this blog to learn as much as I can. Thank you so much. Best wishes,


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