“Hey Mark Ress, Where In The World Are You? We Need You Mark Ress!!”

Mark Ress here with another quick update about what’s been going on in my life and business. First I have to start off with this quote:

“Hey Mark Ress, Where In The World Are You? We Need You Mark Ress!!”

One of my followers on Twitter and loyal Ustream fan sent me that message. I’ve been hearing this more and more lately but I told folks I was going to be focusing more on my family and business. I keep hearing how they can’t wait for my next training, teleseminar or webinar. I have to admit that when I, Mark Ress, put on a training I do like to over deliver. I’ll tell folks it’s a 90 minute training and they’ll go two or three hours. I have been known to go four hours plus! I just love helping people. That is who Mark Ress is and what he is about!

Anyways I’ve been working on a ton of projects for our business as well as home. We hired a housekeeper to help my wife out around the house. At first we told her once a week for three hours but now we’ve decided twice a week for two hours per visit. This way we see her more frequently and things will stay organized.  This is the arrangement for now anyways but I hope we can get her to start coming once a week for three hours a visit minimum so that my wife can rest more and take a break.  :)   She is so busy with four kids that I’d like for her to take it easy. On top of being a mom she is my partner in a lot of what we do online. She helps keep it all together. If it were not for my beautiful wife there would be NO Mark Ress!

I’ve received several requests for local speaking engagements but I told them “Mark Ress needs his rest people.” Yeah I’ve been tired lately and just not feeling like doing much. I got really sick about a week to a week and a half ago. REAL SICK! Thank God I am over it though. I had friends and family say “Yeah it is usually not like Mark to go down like that and for so long especially ending up in the hospital.” But I did. I guess I was just stubborn. I had one PitbullCoaching.com Mastermind member YELL at me in an email saying “Mark Ress you are just SO stubborn! GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY TO GET CHECKED OUT!” I finally did and turned out okay.

Well let’s see what else is going on… hmmmm? Oh going to a HUGE mixer next weekend where there are suppose to be like 50 city chambers and business organizations. One of my good friends wants us to go hang out. He said he needs to introduce Mark Ress to all these local business owner types and show them what’s up with Internet Marketing and what not. I told him maybe I’ll be up to it. For now Mark Ress is going to just take it easy.

God bless you and yours. Thanks for reading my blog post.

Mark Ress


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One Response

  1. Bill Parlaman Says:

    Its good to hear you are feeling better Mark!

    No wonder you got sick with the hours you keep training and working on your own business.

    Look everyone, if you want to discover how to make money online with real biz models then you need to check out Mark Ress. I have never seen someone give so much of himself. He is a mentor and has become a good friend. He tells it like it is and holds you accountable. So many other so called mentors do not hold you to anything. As long as they get paid oh well…

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more out of you in 09!

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