Mark Ress here with the LATEST “Who is Mark Ress?” News

Mark Ress here peeps with the latest “Who Is Mark Ress?” News. I heard from some of my Mastermind member’s that the “Dynamic Duo”Jeff & Lori were selling a recording of an interview we did about a year ago
on How To Start a Home Based Online Business or something to that effect. I was never under the impression that the call was ever going to be sold and would have been nice to know so I could have helped promote it since it was all about me
Mark Ress and how I make things happen online. I did call and speak with Jeff and Lori regarding the emails I received about them selling the interview.They were cool and said they thought it would help folks today in these bad economic times. They did have some really kind words about Mark Ress and even in their sales letter told the whole truth about Mark Ress.
Jeff and Lori bare witness to the goodness I try to bring to the world yet so many haters out there try to dis me and my name Mark Ress.

Moving on I hired four new virtual assistants to help brand the Mark Ress name and get it out there focusing on all the good I do for folks and the real knowledge I share. It’s not always about the money for me and my family but like I
always say if folks don’t have skin in the game then they’ll not put in their all. Example is the Mark Ress Mastermind group
and how well some of the folks are doing their. They have taken my knowledge and teachings and ran with it. I am so very proud of some of my students. I would not doubt if some of these guys start hitting the $3,000 to $5,000 per month mark because they are that good at taking action. I’ve always said it is about taking MASSIVE COMMITTED action! I don’t claim to know everything but lots of folks know the real Mark Ress and would agree that I can blow things up when it comes to making money online.

I’ve also been playing with some new apps to help make branding the Mark Ress name and product line a whole lot better. Already I’ve seen traffic jump to my Mark Ress blog as well as my other sites by at least two to three hundred percent! Now that is HUGE!

Will be back soon to report more about what I have been up to and how thankful I am that God keeps blessing my family and I with our health, wealth and everything in between.

Mark Ress

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One Response

  1. Bill Parlaman Says:

    If you are thinking of joining a mastermind group or coaching group Mark is your man. He takes so much time with his students and helps explain things in plain English. Not sure where I would be today without Mark Ress.

    I have spend hundreds more on other programs and coaches and no one offers what Mark Ress offers.

    IF you are on the fence don’t be, join his next coaching group to grow or start your home based business.

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