Mark Ress Speaks at Toyota Corporation’s North American Site in Ontario California

Hey there everyone Mark Ress here trying to catch up and bring my Mark Ress blog up to speed.  I had an amazing time speaking at Toyota Corporation this week. They treated me really well and seemed to really enjoy everything I shared with them. I covered such topics as Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Video Marketing, Webmercials, Blogging and more. At first they were like “Who is this crazy looking guy named Mark Ress?” but by the time I was done they DEFINITELY knew my name.

There room was practically full with folks there from big wig types (execs) to office personel but mainly their marketing and outreach group heads. I actually ran over on my time but they wanted me to keep going. I told them that I would gladly come back and do another presentation. In less than 24 hours I received an invitation to speak again but at another one of their facilities which is more like their North American corporate headquarters in Torrance California. I am really stoked about that!

I answered several questions and gave them all my contact information in case they had more questions for me and could not wait for me to speak again. They seemed hungry and eager for this “new world” of marketing I introduced them too. They had heard of MySpace and Facebook but when I went down the list of other sites that they needed to be hip to they were speechless. Some with laptops started creating accounts on the spot so that they can begin to leverage these new tools and sites. They were really thankful for the resources I shared with them.

Below you will see some pictures of me engaging the audience with questions and getting them to participate so that they would learn more:

Mark Ress with Toyota Peeps

Mark Ress presenting at Toyota corportation’s North American Site in Ontario California

Mark Ress presents at Toyota corportation’s North American Site in Ontario California

Toyota invites Mark Ress to speak on staying connected with family, community & government via Web 2.0 sites & Technolgies

Mark Ress introducing Web 2.0 Sites to Toyota Corporation in Ontario California

Mark Ress pointing out to Toyota employees the importance of getting invoved with Social Networking sites & Web 2.0

Mark Ress gets down with the fact about Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing for Toyota Corporation

Mark Ress approaches the GIGANTIC screen Toyota had his presentation playing on

As you can see I had a lot of fun speaking for Toyota corporation. I look forward to speaking again for them in the near future and working with some of their marketing team.

Now gotta get ready for the Mark Ress Mastermind training. I really love working with other people and helping them become successful!

Mark Ress

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4 Responses

  1. Craig Klein Says:

    Great site Mark! You certainly sound like a mastermind of online conversions.

  2. Bill Parlaman Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Looking good in your black outfit. Looking like the debonair entrepreneur you are. Congratulations you deserve it!

  3. Andrea C Says:

    Hey Mark,

    I’m sure you made an impact and like myself, Toyota, and many others - we may start off thinking, “So who is this Mark Ress guy?” But by the time you’re done talking, people can easily see that you know your stuff and you’re a person they should hook up with if they want to explode their business. You overdeliver with content, resources, and tips. In everything you do, you do it to see the other person (recipient)succeed. A rare yet priceless quality!

    It is a pleasure and honor to know and learn from you!

    Always Grateful,

  4. Todd Schuyler Says:

    Mark I was present at your Toyota Seminar. I learned more about marketing online there in one hour than seminars that were 10 times longer. Mark you inspired me to continue the exciting world of internet marketing. Thanks for your kind words and great support. Hope to see you again soon1

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