What’s BIGGER Than Twitter & Facebook Combined & WILL Eat Up MySpace for Breakfast by Mark Ress

So here is the Mark Ress What’s BIGGER Than Twitter & Facebook Combined call for all who’ve been requesting it but my only request is that you leave a comment about the call. If you were not on the call then please listen to the call and then come back to leave your feedback.

I know there were a ton of folks who made the call and I just want to know whether or not you liked it and if I should do more???????

The feedback I got via Twitter was tremendous and very positive but I would like for you all to leave a comment here on my blog if you would be so kind.

Remember there is a PDF coming with tons of links to resources and what not BUT it will be password protected. This rewards those who were on the call the whole time OR listen to the entire THREE hour marathon call.

Thanks to all who contributed on the call. I really appreciated it and appreciate much more all the love and energy you guys sent my way. My family and I thank you.

God bless you and yours!

Mark Ress
The Virtual Real Estate KING
Financial Healer and Six Figure Launch Coach!!


Resource PDF I promised you. It is being delivered with 24 minutes left here on Monday for me here in California ;)

PLEASE make sure to leave me a comment regarding call and or PDF. Will be GREATLY appreciated!!

What’s Bigger Than Twitter & Facebook Combined Call Resource PDF & Notes

icon for podpress  Mark Ress' What's Bigger Than Twitter and Facebook Combined Call [182:08m]: Download
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20 Responses

  1. Mike Cunningham Says:


    Absolutely the best. The light bulb went ON, just like a cartoon, or those old time Press Photographers Flashbulbs! Blinding but Inspirational.

    Please be sure to keep me on your lists for more free information and great conversations.

  2. Lori Bonaparte Says:

    When I first got a general idea of what Internet Marketing was - my mind was blown away with all the possibilities (and still continues in that state). Well, this call was Mind Blowing 2.0 I’m really doing my best to ignore all the new possibilities for now until I finish up on some other projects. But when I start to play with this stuff - LOOK OUT.

    Thanks for opening up a whole new world of possibilities that will take us into the future of marketing. And thank you for your willingness to share so openly.

  3. Amy Flynn (Amy~AllAboutEnergy) Says:

    Mark!! My man!

    YES!! That call was the best! Even if I did take an ass-whoopin’ (as coachDeb calls it)!

    It really expanded my thinking and now I am ready to continue on into the brave new world of the future of marketing!

    I also would love some of those Camstasia vids on the “how to’s” I have some very “Un-techie” moments… ok.. A lot of “Un-techie” moments.

    So yes! The future is Now!

    Love to you and yours! (always!)


    Grab some of this while you can:

  4. Jerry Thompson Says:

    Outstanding information on staying ahead of the group.
    But more important is the inspiration you give and the way you give it. I can learn so much more when I am talked to and not lectured to. Its like a conversation with friends and not worrying about someones motives.
    You are the real deal. And those are few and far between.
    Keep looking forward, Mark.

  5. Dr. Ron the NicheProf Says:

    Great job on the call Mark.

    Quality information and excellent resources that were generously shared with all who stuck with a call that went int the early morning hours for some.

    Look forward to networking with you on future projects.


  6. Erin Ely Says:

    Lots of great information. It’s a lot to digest for me, I’m just getting started but so glad I found you and heard the call.


  7. Sandra Says:

    Hey Mark first time I heard you-thanks to @CoachDeb.

    Great call- great info- can’t wait for pdf. Send it soon.


  8. Tony M Says:

    Hey Mark,
    That was surely an outstanding call! You never cease to amaze with your staying ahead of the curve knowledge and willingness to share valuable info! I’m focusing on the working with local businesses so this is great stuff.
    Many thanks!!

  9. ld Says:

    Thanks for a great call - only problem is that I can’t open up the pdf and I am using the password you mentioned in the call.

    Do I need to have spaces or capitals in it?


    Can’t wait or another call.

  10. Cynthia K Says:


    Got the download…WOW! A great adjunct to the call. You the man!


  11. Jan Tallent Says:

    thanks for this valuable information, I will tell everyone I know to sign up for your updates!

  12. Michelle Trent Says:

    Mark is an endless source of inspiration and knowledge to everyone he reaches.

    So happy we are friends!

  13. Marc F Says:

    I missed the call =( but thanks for the great info in the PDF. Check out this video that has some relevance

  14. inthistogether Says:

    I listened to the recording — wasnt at the real deal but had the urge to unmute more than once. Thx soooo much Mark. Watch for an email from me. ‘n thx to Nancy Perez for turning me on to your call

  15. Teddy Garcia Says:


    Dude, I’m still trying to work through the aftermath of this call. The response has been completely insane.

    You really struck a nerve here with people.

    Thanks so much for letting me participate and looking forward to all the HUGE stuff we have planned.

    Peace brotha…

  16. Lynette Patterson Says:

    You promised! You delivered! Thanks again Mark for meeting with me in LA - still can’t believe you drove an hour to help me with my biz. Everyone - this man’s heart is wide-open!

    Can’t wait for the mastermind group. You know I’m first on the list?!?

    By the way - the domain sites we spoke about - they’re MINE!!!


  17. Ken Watson Says:

    Hi Mark! Great work. Are you still offering the free training webinars? I signed up for it a couple days ago to study the archives and sent you an email requesting to become a member. I’m not sure if you ever received that or if you’re doing the training still. Let me know if you’re still doing that.


    Ken Watson

  18. Sincere (aka @joshone & @joshonefitness) Says:

    Brother, this call put a spark under my “you-know-what.” I am definitely going implement what I learned into my business. Thanks for always bringing the goodies!

  19. James Schramko Says:

    Interesting call Mark,

    We have been using the technology you are talking about for years in Australia.

    (XSitePro version 2 builds .mobi sites along side the normal site).



  20. Juliet Easton Says:


    I am just now getting around to downloading the pdf, but I still remember the call that night - it was AMAZING! You provided so much great content! Those who miss out on this will be lagging behind.

    Thanks to CoachDeb for posting a link! Great stuff!!!


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